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About us

 One Wheel Vapor Co. is a small e-liquid company based out of Columbus, Ohio.

     In the quest for the perfect flavor and feel, founders Mark Harris and Oliver Lewis began making their own e-liquid.  What began as a hobby soon became an obsession.  Countless hours of research, a frustrating amount of trial and error, and many sleepless nights finally left them with a handful of flavors that they found to be ideal for themselves.
     Once their friends got a taste of the e-liquid, everyone wanted a bottle.  Word spread, and the two quickly realized that other people also appreciated the flavor and quality of their product.  Excited to share their hard work with the public, they founded One Wheel Vapor Company.

To this day, Mark and Oliver firmly believe in quality over quantity.

     Each bottle is mixed, filled, and labeled by hand.  The key to One Wheel quality is patience, practice, dedication, and passion.  Just like in the beginning, Mark and Oliver have a keen appreciation for the process and the craftsmanship.
     The goal is to deliver a product that looks the best, tastes the best, and is of a quality that is unrivaled in the industry.  Furthermore, with the growing popularity of sub-ohm vaping (and increased e-liquid consumption), an affordable price point is also of utmost importance.  And after much time, Mark and Oliver believe that they can reach this goal.